DSI offers accreditation to trainers who offer current and relevant Life-Long Learning programmes.

Parties may submit their qualifications to DSI for accreditation. If they meet the requirements, then earning a relevant accredited qualification will make you eligible for DSI certification.

DSI Accreditation Committee
  • C. (Clemens) Spoorenberg (Chairman)
  • L.F.M.P. (Bert) van den Broek
  • Drs. R.A.M. (Ronald) Janssen
  • Dr. R. (Ronald) van Dijk
  • Mr. dr. E.J. (Emanuel) van Praag
  • mr. M.A. (Mark) van der Lecq (Secretary)
Submitting questions

You can submit your accreditation request or questions to:

DSI Accreditation Committee
Mr. M.A. van der Lecq, Secretary
Postbus 3861
1001 AR Amsterdam

Or via e-mail:

You may also call us with any questions you may have at tel.: +31(0)20 530 91 76