Termination of passive certified status

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From January 1, 2024, DSI will discontinue offering the passive registered status. DSI is providing passive registrants the opportunity to convert their registration to a (candidate) certification before this date. All passive registrants have been informed about this option through personal emails.

Why is DSI discontinuing the passive registration status?

With a DSI Certification, professionals in the investment sector demonstrate their competence and stay updated on the latest developments in integrity, knowledge, and skills. Passive registration was introduced in the past to temporarily exempt certified individuals from the obligations associated with certification. Passive certified individuals do not meet the requirements of a DSI Certification. As this no longer aligns with our current DSI registry policy, we are discontinuing this status and offering an alternative.

How to convert a passive registration?

To be certified by DSI, you need to be employed by a participant affiliated with DSI. If you currently work for an organization that is not a DSI participant and you wish to convert your passive registration, we advise discussing the option of becoming a DSI participant with your employer. After your employer’s acceptance as a participant, you will go through a process to convert your passive registration to active registration. Click this link for more information on enrolling your employer as a participant.

Reactivate your certification

If you currently work for an employer affiliated with DSI but are passively certified, you can directly reactivate your certification through your MyDSI account. In MyDSI, you can request a change from passive registration. Click the “I want to change my passive registration” button in MyDSI for more information.

Click here for (re)activation of a passive DSI registration

Competency requirements for DSI registries

When (re)activating your certification, you must fulfill all competency components of the respective registry. Click here to gain immediate insight into the associated competency requirements per registry. If you haven’t met all competency requirements yet, no problem – you will be candidate-certified until all components are fulfilled.

Respond by January 1, 2024

If we do not receive a response from passively certified individuals by January 1, 2024, the registration with DSI will be automatically terminated. We extend our gratitude to all certified individuals for their involvement with DSI and invite everyone to subscribe to the DSI newsletter to stay informed about future developments.

More information

If you need more information about your DSI registration or if you are passively certified and have not received a letter from us, please contact us through our contact form or call our Customer Care Officers at 020-6201274. They are here to assist you.