25th anniversary DSI

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25 years of integrity and expertise

With the very best wishes for the new year, we proudly announce our anniversary year. In 2024, it will mark the 25th anniversary since the establishment of the DSI Foundation as a self-regulatory initiative within the financial sector to promote integrity and expertise.

The past 25 years have often been turbulent times for the financial sector, where expertise and integrity (or sometimes the lack thereof) were crucial. The DSI Foundation has consistently contributed to advancing integrity standards and providing guidelines to enable professionals to serve their clients optimally, thereby strengthening trust in the sector.

In a constantly evolving world, professionals must not only stay informed about regulations but also possess technical knowledge through continuous education. A moral compass requires regular recalibration.

Through our commitment to certification, guideline development, awareness, and collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to contribute to promoting integrity in the financial sector. At its core, our mission remains true to our founding principles in 1999: advancing an upright and knowledgeable financial sector.

What can you expect from us in the anniversary year?

Publication of a whitepaper on Greenwashing:
Analysis based on various roundtable discussions conducted in collaboration with EY on the current issue of Greenwashing and its impact on integrity in the financial sector – more information
Event on Integrity and Expertise:
In the second quarter, we will be organizing an event focused on integrity and expertise, bringing together professionals in the financial sector to discuss current issues and celebrate our 25th anniversary.
Introduction of the AML Register:
DSI will introduce a new register focused on Anti Money Laundering. For the professionals working daily on identifying and addressing financial crimes and promoting an integral business operation.
Integrity Week:
As part of our commitment to promoting integrity, we, as a partner, participate in the Integrity Week. During this event, we share our insights and experiences to increase awareness of integrity and disseminate information to our stakeholders.

Among other initiatives, we continue to dedicate ourselves to integrity and expertise within the financial sector.

On behalf of the DSI Foundation, we invite you to celebrate the anniversary year with us and participate in our activities and initiatives in 2024. We will keep you informed through our website, LinkedIn, and (quarterly) newsletters!