Celebrating a milestone: 25 Years of DSI

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In 2024, we are celebrating a special milestone: DSI turns 25. Since our establishment in 1999, we have dedicated ourselves with great energy to fostering a reliable and integral financial sector. Together with our partners, dedicated professionals, and enthusiastic volunteers, we have witnessed the sector evolve and have actively contributed to the growth and enhancement of integrity and expertise.

To mark this occasion, we invite you to explore a unique collection of personal stories and videos. On our special anniversary page,, we have highlighted the milestones of our journey over the years. Here, you will find a rich timeline filled with inspiring stories, videos, and old media reports illustrating 25 years of DSI’s development.

Take a look at the past, where we laid the foundation for improving trust in the financial sector. Experience the present, where we continue to work daily on integrity and expertise. And discover our vision for the future, where we strive for a sector where trust and professionalism are central.

Curious about the highlights of 25 years of DSI? Explore the stories and videos at

Our special thanks go to George Möller, Margherita Noto, Maurice Wiersma, Rein Pijpers, Mark van der Lecq, Clemens Spoorenberg, Wim Mijs, Floris Mreijen and Tanja Nagel for their valuable personal contributions to this wonderful collection.

Celebrate DSI’s 25th anniversary with us on October 4th!

This year, we are also celebrating our 25th anniversary with a special event. On October 4th, we invite professionals from the financial sector to the historic Beursgebouw in Amsterdam. With only 100 available places, we are creating an intimate setting where interaction and collaboration take center stage. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Register now via this link for our anniversary event and celebrate 25 years of Stichting DSI with us.