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For those who are DSI certified, it is crucial to be able to clearly explain the meaning of this certification to both current and prospective clients and colleagues. Fortunately, DSI has compiled a comprehensive mediakit to support you in this endeavor.

Check out the DSI mediakit here.

What does our DSI Mediakit offer?

  • Informative Brochures: Learn more about our certification programs and the benefits your registration brings to your clients.
  • Visual Content: Use our videos and banners to visually reinforce the essence of your DSI registration.
  • Logos in Various File Formats: Our logos are available for use in various communication channels, including websites, digital signatures, and business cards.
  • LinkedIn Banners: Enhance your LinkedIn profile with professional banners highlighting your certification and achievements.
  • Press Material: For journalists and media professionals, we provide useful tools to learn more about the mission and objectives of DSI.

Do you have specific requests, such as integrating your company logo? Feel free to contact us at Together, we can explore how to meet your individual needs.

Take a look at our DSI Mediakit now and let us support you in spreading your registration story. Together, we’re working towards even more success in the financial sector!