DSI and EY are organizing a roundtable discussion on Greenwashing

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DSI and EY are joining forces in 2023 to organize a series of exclusive roundtable meetings, focusing on the current topic of greenwashing and how the financial sector is addressing it. Our goal is to facilitate a constructive dialogue among policymakers from various sectors, discussing recent developments and analyzing their impact on investment practices. The discussion will revolve around the moral and ethical considerations related to greenwashing. The valuable insights derived from these meetings will be compiled and presented in an informative white paper by the end of the year.

Greenwashing from different perspectives

The first meeting took place on June 7th at Beursplein in Amsterdam, with a focus on compliance and legal aspects. This session brought together professionals from risk, legal, and compliance domains of various DSI participants.

After an introduction and setting the meeting’s objectives, open discussions covered various topics. Firstly, the current definition of greenwashing was critically examined. What does this term precisely entail, and how do the present organizations interpret this theme? We reflected on an ESMA article published on June 1st that explores the definition of greenwashing based on various articles.

Current regulation surrounding greenwashing

Subsequently, our attention turned to the current regulations. Greenwashing is addressed through several European sustainable finance regulations. Together, we discussed how organizations navigate this complex set of rules. How do they implement these guidelines, and which regulations have the most significant impact on their operations?

Moral and ethical considerations regarding greenwashing were also extensively discussed. We explored the differences in ethical standpoints on ESG between investors and institutions offering investment products. Why does such a disparity in understanding exist, and should the financial sector itself establish concrete frameworks to provide clarity and maintain trust?

Creating awareness about greenwashing within your organization

The final part of the meeting focused on creating awareness about greenwashing within organizations. How can we ensure that this topic is on the agenda at every level of the organization? Attendees shared valuable best practices, which we will elaborate on in the white paper scheduled for publication at the end of the year.

After the summer, DSI and EY will host two more sessions on Greenwashing, but this time from a different perspective, involving marketing and communication specialists, as well as investment experts. The findings from these three gatherings will be consolidated into an informative white paper, to be shared on our website.

For more information about these inspiring meetings, feel free to reach out to Floris Mreijen (Director) and/or Mark van der Lecq (Lead Legal) by sending an email to