DSI funding change

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As of January 1, 2024, our funding structure will change. This change makes DSI’s funding fairer and more transparent. We are saying goodbye to the participation fee and will evenly distribute our annual costs across the number of certified professionals. What does this mean in practice? Simply put, the more professionals who certify themselves, the lower the annual costs per certified professional will be.

While these changes bring predominantly positive aspects, we realize that they may have different effects (sometimes temporarily) for some participants. We want to provide clear and transparent information to our participants about the background of these changes and how they will impact your organization.

What does the change in funding entail?

The adjustment mainly involves simplifying our funding method. The basis remains the number of certifications per participant, but we are adjusting our calculation method and eliminating the annual participation fee. Each year, a single fee per certification will be determined, and participants will receive only one annual invoice, regardless of the number of changes made during the year. This annual invoice is based on the average number of certifications over the past three years.

With these changes, we make DSI’s financing fairer. We distribute our annual costs fairly across the number of certified professionals. As more professionals become certified, the costs per certified individual will decrease.

Characteristics of the new funding method

  • More predictability: The new method provides more predictability for both participants and our organization since cost fluctuations are reduced by averaging over three years.
  • Reduced administrative burdens: We understand that administrative burdens can sometimes be perceived as cumbersome. With the new structure, we reduce the number of invoicing moments, thus decreasing administrative burden.
  • A fairer and more tranparant system: The new structure eliminates tiers and introduces a fairer system for all participants, emphasizing equal treatment.

More Information

We value our relationship with all our participants and understand that changes may raise questions at times. We are here to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. If you would like more information about the changes in costs, please visit the following page: funding changes. Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification.

You can contact Nana Asante (Relationship Manager DSI) or Floris Mreijen (Director DSI) for answers to your questions via the contact form or by phone at 020 – 620 12 74.