Highlights 2023: DSI annual report

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The year 2023 was a year of executing our new strategy at DSI. Established at the end of 2022, this strategy consists of three pillars: operational excellence, broadening and deepening of our registers, and awareness & thought leadership. These pillars aim to develop DSI into a sector platform for integrity and competence.

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Operational excellence

In 2023, we continued enhancing operational excellence within our organization. Early in the year, we implemented Office365 and completed office reorganization. Following customer satisfaction surveys, we identified and implemented various improvements to the certification process and Continuing Professional Education. We are delighted to see increased appreciation for DSI’s services in the survey results, providing us with encouragement to continue our current trajectory.

Additional initiatives included introducing a brochure for new participants and developing a landing page for our major clients. In the summer, we launched digital certificates for each certified professional, facilitating easy validation of professional skills, such as sharing on LinkedIn.

In September, we held the inaugural meeting of the “DSI Klankbordgroep”. This group provides constructive criticism on organizational development and shares experiences with our services.

Efforts were also directed towards further modernizing DSI’s IT infrastructure, with preparations underway for the introduction of a new CRM system in early 2024.

Expansion and deepening of Registers

Our focus on expanding and deepening our registers primarily centered on revamping the integrity module, mandatory for all new certifications at DSI. The content of this module was entirely revised in the first half of the year in collaboration with the Integrity Advisory Committee. From September 2023, this new module is offered through the Compliance Institute.

Additionally, the Accreditation Committee evaluated the 2022 PE program and updated the compliance register’s learning objectives. Preparations were also made in 2023 for the introduction of a new register in 2024, specifically for AML professionals. (This register has since been launched in June 2024.)

Awareness & Thought Leadership

Positioning DSI within the realms of awareness and thought leadership constitutes the third pillar of our strategy. Throughout June, September, and November, we organized three roundtable discussions on the theme of greenwashing. Gathering input from legal/compliance, marketing/communication, and investment perspectives, the outcomes were compiled into a whitepaper published in early 2024. In 2023, our use of LinkedIn was also intensified to purposefully disseminate relevant content to our audience.

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Governance and funding

As a culmination of the reorganization undertaken in 2021 and 2022, the DSI board decided in 2023 to adjust both governance and funding structures. From October 2023, DSI operates with a managing director and a supervisory board. This new governance model introduces a streamlined and agile governance structure better suited to our organizational size. Furthermore, industry associations, previously represented on the DSI board, now hold a more logical position within this model. They are statutorily designated as key stakeholders with whom annual discussions are held on ongoing activities, as well as future policies and budgets.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the board members for their dedication to DSI over the past years.

The new Supervisory Board comprises Tanja Nagel (Chair), Jaco Aardoom, Theo Andringa, Erik Luttenberg, and Daniƫlle Melis. Together, they bring significant sector experience, forming a crucial part of our new governance structure.

In 2023, efforts were also focused on implementing a new funding model effective January 1, 2024. Under this model, certification fees are now paid annually per participant based on their average number of certifications over the past three years. Customers receive only one invoice per year under this new system, eliminating additional charges for new certifications or changes throughout the year.

Explore the full year overview and all highlights via the 2023 Annual Report Infographic.

Floris Mreijen
Managing Director DSI


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