Amsterdam stock exchange opening by DSI and Validata

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Collaboration agreement DSI Foundation and Validata

The DSI Foundation and Validata together stand for honest and reliable professionals in the investment sector. On the occasion of the collaboration in the field of the screening of DSI certified professionals, Floris Mreijen, General Manager of DSI since the 1st of April, opened the Amsterdam stock exchange together with Validata this morning the 5th of July.

The DSI Foundation was established on 14 April 1999 as a self-regulatory institute for the investment sector. DSI Foundation’s core task is to work with the sector to ensure that society has greater trust in the financial sector. DSI does that by:

  • Formulating norms for knowledge, skills en integrity;
  • Accrediting examinations and educational programmes;
  • Certifying professionals who meet the stated DSI norms, and listing these professionals in the DSI Public Register;
  • Holding Certified Professionals accountable for violations of the DSI Code of Conduct through DSI Ethics Enforcement.

Employment screening of DSI certified persons

An employment screening is part of a certification application at DSI. With this we provide an extensive check of professionals in the field of work experience and training at the front of a DSI registration. To carry out this employment screening, the board of DSI has opted for the services of Validata Group. DSI currently carries out this screening itself. The collaboration is expected to start after the summer. DSI participants will receive further notice from which date this will be.

Why Validata Group

Validata Group is a professional screening organisation with many years of experience in the field of employment screening Validata places a high value on quality certifications (incl. ISO), IT security and privacy. Validata has a modern IT platform that supports or facilitates all of the most common connections with (potential) customers’ HR software applications. Plus, Validata already serves many major employers in the financial sector. That gives us every confidence that Validata is the high-quality professional and flexible partner with whom DSI and our clients can do business, both today and in the future.

Questions about the competence of investment professionals?

If you have any questions about DSI Certification, please visit the FAQ page with answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question in the FAQ page, or you need personal advice about requesting a specific certification, please feel free to contact us by mail at: or call us at 020-6201274. We would be happy to help you!