Accreditation and exams

DSI issues accreditation for exams that are submitted to us. This page explains how to submit accreditation requests, and provides a list of accredited exams.

In brief, accreditation means that the DSI Accreditation Committee, composed of a variety of experts in the field, have evaluated and approved the qualifications of third parties in accordance with the learning objectives.

Parties may submit their qualifications to DSI for accreditation. If they meet the requirements, then earning a relevant accredited qualification will make you eligible for DSI certification.

Starting in 2020, DSI will also accredit educational institutions as part of the Life-Long Learning programme.

How to submit your training programmes and exams

Qualification providers can submit programmes and exams to the secretary of the DSI Accreditation Committee (see contact details below).

Please note: DSI can only evaluate training programmes that conclude with an exam.

DSI needs the following information for accreditation:

  • A written accreditation request via e-mail or post.
  • The learning objectives formulated by DSI must be dealt with in the training programme.
  • The full course materials.
  • An explanation of how the exam is organised.
  • Insight into how objective and sufficient assessment is guaranteed.

An accreditation request costs a one-time fee of € 5,000 (VAT not included) per programme. Accreditation can be extended for another year for a fee of € 1,500 (VAT not included) per programme.

No cost for updated learning objectives

Learning objectives may be updated from time to time, either due to amended legislation or regulations, or because changing professional practice makes it necessary.

When the learning objectives are updated by DSI, then the programme must be re-evaluated for accreditation.

If a DSI-accredited qualification is updated by a training organisation or participant, then DSI must be informed immediately to determine if re-accreditation is necessary. No additional fees will be charged for this service.

Submitting an accreditation request or questions

You can submit your accreditation request or questions to:

DSI Accreditation Committee
Mr. M.A. van der Lecq, Secretary
Postbus 3861
1001 AR Amsterdam

Or via e-mail:

You may also call us with any questions you may have at tel.: +31(0)20 530 91 76

Accredited ESMA exams

Lindenhaeghe MiFID II / ESMA Kennis Adviseren Maatwerk
MiFID II / ESMA Kennis Adviseren Standaard
MiFID II / ESMA Kennis Informatieverstrekker
MiFID II / ESMA Vaardigheden Adviseren
MiFID II / ESMA Vaardigheden Informeren
NIBE-SVV ESMA Retail kennisexamen Adviseren Maatwerk
ESMA Retail kennisexamen Adviseren Standaard
ESMA Retail kennisexamen Informeren
ESMA Retail vaardighedenexamen Informeren
ESMA Vaardighedenexamen Adviseren Standaard
ESMA Vaardighedenexamen Adviseren Maatwerk
(het exameninstituut van Dukers & Baelemans)
MiFID II / ESMA Kennisexamen Adviseren Beleggen Maatwerk (Retail)
MiFID II / ESMA Kennisexamen Adviseren Beleggen Standaard (Retail)
MiFID II / ESMA Kennisexamen Informeren Beleggen (Retail)
MiFID II /ESMA Vaardighedenexamen Adviseren Beleggen (Retail)
MiFID II /ESMA Vaardighedenexamen Informeren Beleggen (Retail)
Dukers & Baelemans TLeergang Vermogensplanner (Retail) (Vaardigheden)
NCI E-learning Algemeen
E-learning Retail
E-learning Institutioneel
Workshop Integriteit & Kritische oordeelsvorming (Retail)
Workshop Integriteit & Kritische oordeelsvorming (Institutioneel)
Vrije Universiteit Advice Institutional
Inform Institutional
Deficiency Instutional (when you have a CFA level 3- or VBA-diploma)
The Financial
Markets Academy
Deficiëntietoets Adviseren Treasury
(voor wie een ACI Dealing Certificaat heeft)
Informeren Treasury
Deficiëntietoets Informeren Treasury
(voor wie een ACI Dealing Certificaat of ACI Operations Certificaat hebben)