Changing employers

How do you change the employer for your DSI certification?

When you change employers, that will have an effect on your DSI certification. For example, your new employer is not a DSI participant, so you must go through extra steps to stay certified. The important thing is that you keep your DSI certification up-to-date, and that you communicate any changes to DSI on time. That will give us both enough opportunities to check the changes and guarantee the correctness of your registration in the Public Register.

Example | A new employer

Anne has worked as a customer consultant at an institutional investment firm for five years. She has been registered in the DSI Institutional Investment Advisor register since 2018. Next month, she will start working in the same position at a new employer. What should Anne do to remain DSI certified in the same register, but with a different employer?

Employer change request procedure

  • Preparation
    • As a (candidate) certified professional, you should first check whether your employer is a DSI Participant.
    • You can then begin the procedure for changing employers while you are still working at your current employer.
  • Start change request in MijnDSI
    • You can start the Change Employer Request via your personal MijnDSI account.
    • During the application process, you will be asked to sign the approval statement.
    • Select your future employer in the drop-down menu.
    • Enter the general information (e-mail, telephone number, future position).
    • Enter the contact details for the future employer, and send the digital employer’s statement.
    • Then you can submit the request to DSI.
    • When you change employers, Validata will conduct several steps of the screening process. After you submit the request, you will automatically receive an invitation from Validata to conduct the screening.
  • Why does DSI record all of the changes?

    As a sector, we have jointly decided that a DSI registration must be kept up-to-date. That way, everyone can trust that the information in the Public Register is correct. When changes or additions are made to a certification, we check certain criteria by means of a screening procedure conducted by Validata. We do this for every change and/or addition to guarantee the accuracy of the data in the Public Register.

    We understand that it may be frustrating to go through the screening process again. After all, you are already listed in the Public Register, and have already completed an exhaustive screening. Nevertheless, every change requires a new check, because other changes may have taken place that we are not aware of. We ask for your patience with this additional screening, so that we can all ensure that every DSI register is kept up-to-date.

Process steps changing employer