(Candidate)certified professionals

Difference between the statuses of certified persons at DSI

You can certify yourself as a financial professional at the DSI foundation. This is both as an employee or as a freelancer who performs work for a financial institution that has joined DSI as a participant. Now, during this process, there are different statuses that a professional can take. Below it becomes clear what these mean.

What is a certified professional?

A DSI-certified professional meets the admission requirements of one or more DSI registers. Thanks to these requirements, a certified person is always aware of the latest legislation and regulations, knows how to deal with integrity dilemmas, has the right education and work experience and adheres to the DSI code of conduct. In order to demonstrate that the certified person remains up-to-date with regard to his/her knowledge, they successfully complete an annual DSI Continuing Professional Education Program.

What is a candidate certified professional?

A candidate certified is not yet certified. He or she complies with the DSI code of conduct. A certified candidate does not (yet) meet all training requirements and/or work experience required to obtain a (full) DSI certification.

What are the main differences?

They both comply with the code of conduct set up by DSI. The difference lies in the piece of education or work experience. As a consumer, it is important to realize that partnering with DSI-certified professionals is advised, because they meet all requirements.

What does this mean for the registry?

Although in previous years only certified persons could be found in the Public Register, this is now changing. The candidate certified persons can also be found in the register. So keep in mind that when you want to look up a professional, not everyone meets the certification requirements.


Do you have questions about registration in the DSI Public Register or do you want to change your certification? Please contact one of our employees via or look at this page for more information.