Today, we celebrate that you have successfully completed PE 2023 as a DSI professional. By working with expertise, knowledge, and integrity, you contribute to a trustworthy investment sector. Completing the DSI Continuing Professional Education program in 2023 is a significant part of this.

The one who succeeds treats!

Upon achieving this milestone, it’s only fair to celebrate. The creative minds at DSI have already baked a cake for you. You just need to run it through the printer. Be creative, print the cake on thick paper, assemble it, and share your achievement on LinkedIn with the hashtag #PassedPE2023. We will reward the 15 most original posts with a real DSI cake for you and your colleagues.

Create Your Own DSI Cake

Share your achievement online!

We have updated the CPE status of your certification in the DSI Public Register. Enhance your LinkedIn profile to show your network that you possess the knowledge and experience necessary for professional service in the investment sector. Click on this link to share on LinkedIn that you have passed PE 2023. Choose Stichting DSI as the organization. The certificate number and credential URL are not mandatory fields.

Start with PE 2024

From January 2024, a new PE program has begun: PE 2024. Check here for an overview of information about PE 2024 and all providers for the program. The choice of a provider is up to you, but consult with your employer or client beforehand to see if any arrangements have been made with a provider. You don’t need to follow a PE program for the DSI integrity register.