Convert Passive Registration

Convert your passive registration to an active DSI certification.

Are you currently passively certified with DSI and is your employer affiliated with DSI? Then you can reactivate your DSI certification. To do so, you need to meet all competency components associated with the registry of your choice. This will certify you and make you visible once again in the DSI Public Registry.

DSI to discontinue passive registered status by January 1, 2024

As of January 1, 2024, DSI will cease offering the passive registered status. Therefore, you have until December 31, 2023, to (re)activate your passive status. Every passively certified individual has already received a personal email notification from DSI regarding this matter. If we do not receive a response to this notification before December 31, 2023, your registration with DSI will be automatically terminated. In that case, we thank you for your involvement with DSI and invite you to subscribe to the DSI newsletter to stay informed about future developments.

Why is DSI discontinuing the passive registration status?

A DSI Certification demonstrates that professionals in the investment sector are demonstrably competent and are aware of the latest developments in integrity, knowledge, and skills. The passive registration was introduced in the past to temporarily exempt certified individuals from the obligations associated with certification. Passive certified individuals do not meet the requirements of a DSI Certification. As this no longer aligns with our current DSI registry policy, we are discontinuing this status and offering an alternative.

How do I convert my passive registration to active registration?

You can request a change from passive registration through your account in MijnDSI. To do this, click on the “I want to change my passive registration” button in MyDSI.

Competency requirements for DSI registries

Click here for an overview of DSI certifications and their associated competency requirements. If you haven’t met all competency requirements yet, no problem – you will be candidate-certified until all components are fulfilled. Note: it is only possible to convert your registration to a different registry if your employer is a participant affiliated with DSI.

What benefits does an active DSI certification offer?

A professional certified by DSI:

  • Complies with ESMA Guidelines
  • Has been screened by an expert screening officer
  • Is trained in recognizing and dealing with integrity dilemmas
  • Is demonstrably skilled and competent Is registered in the DSI Public Registry
  • Is required to undergo annual assessment through DSI Continuing Professional Education
  • Adheres to the DSI Code of Conduct
  • Is subject to DSI Disciplinary Rules

More information

Not sure which DSI registry your passive registration is under? First, check your status in MyDSI. If you need assistance or advice, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care officers at (020)-6201274 or through our contact form.