DSI Anniversary Celebration

25 years of Stichting DSI

On June 4, 2024, we celebrate a milestone: the 25th anniversary of Stichting DSI! For a quarter of a century, we have been dedicated to strengthening and maintaining public trust in the investment sector. And we’re going to celebrate that!

Expertise and integrity: our pillars for your success

In a world where the financial sector is constantly evolving, one thing remains constant: the crucial role of the professional. At Stichting DSI, expertise and integrity have been at the forefront for 25 years. This forms the solid foundation of our upcoming DSI event on June 4 at the Beursgebouw in Amsterdam.

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Discover the future of investing: digitization and sustainability

During our anniversary gathering, we will focus on two key themes: the rise of digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the role of the investment industry in sustainability.

With inspiring keynote speakers and an interactive panel, we will delve into current developments, with a strong emphasis on integrity and ethics. After all, as AI and algorithms take over the role of the investment advisor, the question arises: how do you ensure ethics? And how do you know if investment products are truly green and not greenwashing? These pressing questions are at the heart of our discussions.

An intimate setting for valuable interaction

With only 100 available spots, we provide a setting where interaction is key. Each attendee can make a valuable contribution to the discussions and work together on the challenges within our sector. Seize this unique opportunity to participate and sign up now for our anniversary event on June 4 and celebrate 25 years of Stichting DSI with us!

Speakers and program update for the 25th anniversary

In the coming weeks, we will provide you with more detailed information about the speakers who will be present at our anniversary event, as well as the program we have put together. Stay informed by registering for the event now, so you don’t miss anything from this special celebration. Please note that the event will be conducted in Dutch.

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