What is Ethics Enforcement

Compliance with codes of conduct is an essential element of the self-regulation of the financial sector. Unfortunately, history has proven that this does not work if it is not enforced. DSI has therefore made Ethics Enforcement one of its three priorities, along with Screening and Certification.

The DSI Foundation facilitates an ethics committee and an appeals committee. These committees can take disciplinary action if an employee in the financial sector violates the Code of Conduct and draws negative attention to the financial sector. The measures can vary from reprimands or fines to suspension or expulsion from the DSI registers.

Individuals certified by DSI are subject to the Code of Conduct and the attendant ethics regulations.

Employers are also committed to comply with ethics legislation

If you are an employer whose employees are registered with DSI, then you have committed to abide by the Code of Conduct and the obligation to report any violations of the code. If you discover that one of your certified employees has violated DSI’s Code of Conduct, then you are obliged to report him or her to DSI – even if you have already taken disciplinary measures yourself.

This is because DSI’s core mission is to ensure a clean, fair and honest financial sector, and that can only be accomplished if financial institutions support one another by cooperating via DSI. We have therefore created a public register listing all DSI-certified individuals.

Report to DSI Ethic Enforcement

If you want to report to DSI Ethics Enforcement, you can send your report to the following mailing address:

t.a.v. Secretariaat
Postbus 3861
1001 AR Amsterdam

or you can e-mail us at

Your data will be treated confidentially.