Certification for employers

Companies with a large number of DSI-certified employees have an advantage over other firms. Your staff can be registered with the DSI foundation as DSI certified professionals. By registering, your (potential) clients know that they are aided by professionals who place a high value on integrity and expertise. 

Why certify with DSI?

The Standard

  • DSI certification has been the standard in the investment sector since 1999.
  • Hundreds of financial firms are affiliated with DSI and require DSI certification for their investment professionals.
  • Thousands of financial professionals have proven their expertise and integrity by becoming DSI certified.


  • With your DSI certification, you show clients, prospects and peers that you place a high value on integrity and expertise.
  • You offer clients the assurance that you abide by the DSI Code of Conduct and that you have met the highest standards in your field.
  • Your certification is available to the public in the DSI register at dsi.nl.


  • DSI was founded by the financial sector itself in order to promote integrity and expertise within the sector. DSI stands for impartial, serious self-regulation.
  • Professionals working in the sector are active in many committees that advise on the conditions for DSI certifications.
  • As a financial professional, you meet the highest standards required by the sector.


  • DSI stands for impartial, serious self-regulation at cost price.
  • Your DSI certification generates confidence, because it is clear which standards you have met, and your certification is available to the public in the DSI register at dsi.nl.
  • DSI certification is a condition of the covenant with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM).

What are the benefits of DSI certification?

A professional certified by DSI:

  • Has been screened.
  • Has been trained to recognise and deal with integrity-related dilemmas.
  • Has proven his or her expertise.
  • Is required to undergo regular reviews (Periodic Review).
  • Abides by the Code of Conduct.
  • Is subject to ethics enforcement.

A certification for each function

DSI has 10 certification registers for professionals, so there is certainly one for your profession. See the DSI Registers page for an overview. The rates can be found on the Prices page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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