Screening as part of a (candidate) certification

Employment screening

When your employee requests DSI certification or wishes to change their certification, DSI always conducts an employee screening as a standard element of the DSI certification procedure. This page explains the screening process and how your employee can request one.

MijnDSI: DSI’s digital application portal

Certification requests and changes can be submitted via MijnDSI, the digital DSI environment where your employee can enter their details, upload files and submit employer’s statements.

When your employee requests or changes a certification in MijnDSI, they must answer some basic questions in order to continue to the digital employee screening environment. Here, the employee can go through the screening request procedure step-by-step.

Once the certification request is complete, DSI will verify their work history and education by contacting current and former employers and educational institutions. Upon successful completion of the screening process, the employee will be officially certified. Your employee will receive the digital screening report, and can immediately view their certification status.

DSI Screening in 5 steps

  • 1

    There are no specific preparations necessary in order to apply for a screening. However, your employees can shorten the time necessary for your screening by collecting their diplomas and making digital copies. They will also need to log in with their DigiD (incl. SMS authorisation) several times during their application. If they can’t remember their DigiD ID, they can request and change their ID at Please ask them to keep their curriculum vitae and the e-mail adresses of their contact at (former) employers at hand.

  • 2
    Required information

    Your employees start the application for their screening by clicking on the invitation link in the e-mail invitation that you have sent them. The screening consists of the following elements:

    • Personal information and ID
    • Integrity questionnaire
    • Digital VOG request
    • Education, diplomas and certificates
    • Work experience in past 5 years
  • 3
    Submitting a request

    Once all of the necessary information has been collected, the screening request can be submitted. Before DSI begins the screening process, the application is checked again to ensure that the information is complete. By this time, your employee should have received the VOG at home. They have to send the original document to DSI as soon as possible, so that it can be evaluated as part of the screening process. They can send the original document to:

    Postbus 3861
    1001 AR Amsterdam

  • 4

    DSI now begins the screening process. Our screening officers check and verify all of the information provided, and contact current and former employers and educational institutions if necessary.

  • 5

    Once the screening has been conducted, your employees will receive an e-mail informing them that their digital screening report is available for download. The report will only be made available to them personally. After they log into their personal MijnDSI environment, they can download the report and finish the certification request or change.


At DSI we consider the privacy of our customers as very important and ensure that the personal data you and your employees share with us, is treated with care. In this privacy statement we would like to explain how we do this.