Screening for Employers

DSI screens employees for integrity-sensitive positions in the financial sector. DSI is thorough in its work. DSI has been asked to draw up the standards for these screenings, and the supervisory body, the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) supports DSI’s screening method.


The advantages of screening with DSI

  • The Standard
    • DSI has drawn up the standard for high-quality screening.
    • DSI Screening is supported by the supervisory bodies (AFM, DNB).
    • DSI Screening was developed in collaboration with the financial sector.
  • Non-profit
    • Social mission to increase integrity within the financial sector.
    • Lowest possible price (cost price) and no VAT for financial service providers.
    • Driven by quality, not by commerce.
  • Reliable
    • Strict quality control through internal and external audits.
    • Personal investigation by an experienced screening officer, not just automated checks.
    • Every DSI Screening is conducted fairly and with the greatest possible care.
  • Efficient
    • Screenings can be requested quickly and easily online.
    • DSI guides the applicant and employer through the process personally.
    • Employer can view the status of the screening online 24/7.

More information?

If you have any questions about the DSI Screening, or would like to know how you can request a screening for one of your employees as soon as possible, please contact our screening team at tel.: 020 – 535 6171 or e-mail us at:

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does DSI do?

    DSI is an independent foundation that monitors the integrity and expertise of the financial sector. Part of this task involves the conduct of personal screenings.  The screening is primarily intended for employees who are directly or indirectly employed within the financial sector.

    For more information about DSI go to About DSI.

  • Why is the DSI screening the standard?

    DSI has drawn up the standard for high-quality screening in collaboration with the financial sector.  The DSI screening has several fixed elements that enable employers to come to a proper integrity analysis.

    The supervisory body, the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) supports DSI’s screening method.

  • Why is the DSI screening different from other screening processes?

    A proper integrity analysis is only possible with the help of a high-quality screening. A screening that makes no concessions with regard to the elements to be screened and the methods used to check them.  DSI provides just such a screening.


    Every DSI screening is different, and is conducted personally by experienced screening officers.  The information provided is checked and verified in accordance with the highest standards, including personal contact with educational institutions and employers.

    DSI believes that such a high-quality screening must be available to everyone, so all screening services are offered at the cost price.

  • How does DSI guarantee the quality of the screening?
    1. DSI guarantees that each screening is conducted in accordance with the same high standards by monitoring the screening process through a comprehensive audit system:
      1             During the conduct of the screening, all checks and tasks are strictly separated (four eyes principle).
      2             An internal auditor monitors the implementation of, and compliance with, procedures.
      3             An external auditor (accountant) supervises the internal auditor and conducts additional audits of procedural implementation and compliance.
      4             Audit reports are made available to the supervisory bodies (AFM, DNB, NVB)

On the process

  • What does the DSI screening application process entail?

    Requesting a screening is a quick and easy process, and requires only a minimal time investment for employers.

    At your request, the employee will go to and create an account. Once the account has been created, the employee can immediately begin filling in the screening request information. Once all of the information has been entered, the employee can submit the request. DSI often begins the screening process the very same day.

    During the screening, all of the information is checked and verified in accordance with the highest standards. Once all elements of the screening have been conducted, DSI drafts a digital screening report. The screening applicant is then informed that the screening report is available for download in his or her MijnDSI environment.  The applicant can then grant permission to forward the report directly to his or her employer, if desired.

  • Are there different types of screening?

    DSI has a single high-quality basic screening.  This screening is more than sufficient to come to a proper integrity analysis in most cases. DSI also offers DSI Screening Plus for employees in very integrity-sensitive positions. This screening includes the trusted DSI Screening, but can be expanded with extra verifications and checks.

    DSI also has in-employment screenings. More information about the screening types and fees, you can find here.

  • What does a DSI screening costs?

    The DSI Screening must be available to everyone, so DSI offers its screening services at cost price. You therefore do not need to choose which information you wish to include in the screening. The DSI screening always includes the elements that are essential to enable employers to come to a proper integrity analysis. Moreover, with DSI, you have the added assurance that the screening method is supported by the supervisory bodies.

    More information about the screening types and fees you can reed here.

    If your financial firm is registered with the AFM, you will not be charged VAT.

  • Which additional services does DSI offer?

    A screening policy is more than just having someone apply for a screening.  It is also vital that you can properly evaluate the information in the screening report. DSI can assist you in this by offering workshops for you on location. You can also benefit from our expertise in drafting or developing your own screening policy.  DSI offers these services at no extra charge.

  • Can foreign employees also receive a screening?

    Companies are increasingly recruiting personnel from abroad. Naturally, you would like to be able to conduct a proper integrity analysis for these employees as well. The DSI Screening has been developed in such a way that it can also be used for foreign employees. Where possible, DSI checks and verifies the foreign equivalent of the VOG Certificate of Good Conduct and contacts foreign educational institutions, employers and clients.  The screening can be requested in either English or Dutch.

    There are no extra costs involved in requesting a screening for a foreign candidate.


  • Who evaluates the screening report?

    The screening report is drawn up after the screening process has been completed. The report includes the results of the checks and verifications that have been conducted.  It is a finding of facts, and not a subjective judgement.

    The employer evaluates the screening report and uses the information to draw up an integrity analysis. DSI also provides free workshops on location on how to evaluate a screening report.

  • Which security features are included in the digital screening report?

    The digital screening report is issued once upon the completion of the screening process. When the report is generated in PDF format, it is provided with a digital security feature. After this step, it is no longer possible to edit the report. Any changes that are made will result in a visible warning, rendering the report invalid.

    You can view the security features by opening the report in Adobe PDF Reader.