Certification rates

The rates below go into effect as of 1 January 2016 and are indexed annually. The rates are levied based on the calendar year. No refunds will be paid upon early termination.

This page features the rates for both individual certification as well as those for participating financial institutions.

The rate is based on the status of the DSI registration as of the end of the year. A maximum of two registrations will be billed per person. If the registration goes into effect after 1 July, the annual registration rate will be halved.


Prices are excluding VAT.
Annual contribution      Price
Active registration (except register below)€175
Active registration in Basic Integrity Register


Passive registration


One-time contribution

New registration request, including screening report€185,-
Change of employer, including screening report€185,-
Change of employer, together with change of register (including screening report)€185,-
Change of register€45,-
Additional register€45,-

Prices for financial institutions

The annual price for business participation in DSI is based on the number of the participating company’s employees registered with DSI as of the last day of the year. All prices are excluding VAT.
Number of registrationsPrices

0 to 5


6 to 15€328,00
16 to 30€2.186,50
31 to 50€4.646,25
51 to 100€7.652,60
101 to 250€14.758,65
251 or more€71.059,90

Note: Self-employed entrepreneurs pay no participation costs.

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