About DSI

DSI is a non-profit foundation that works to foster a financial sector in which consumers, entrepreneurs and financial institutions can do business with confidence. A sector that is free of incidents caused by professionals violating the rules. That is what builds public confidence in the sector.

A healthy financial sector

The financial sector has asked the DSI Foundation to implement its strict standards for self-regulation. We screen new employees in the sector and certify personnel. We regularly review certified individuals for integrity, knowledge and professional expertise. Those who violate the certification rules can be charged by the DSI enforcement agency and punished with fines. Ethics enforcement has a broader scope than criminal law; DSI can call people to order for their behaviour. Ordinary supervisory agencies are not authorised to do that.

Closed system

With its three pillars of Screening, Certification and Ethics, DSI offers a unique, closed system that can dramatically reduce the risk of incidents.

DSI was founded in 1999 by the financial sector itself. The foundation has covenants and agreements with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank, and enjoys the broad support of branch organisations in the financial sector.