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For integrity and expertise in the financial sector

Integrity and competent professionals are crucial for a well-functioning investment sector. As a client, you should be able to rely on advisors who are experts in their field, whose knowledge is regularly assessed and stays current and up-to-date. Stichting DSI was established to ensure that the high quality of skills and ethical standards of DSI-certified individuals strengthen and maintain the public’s trust in the investment sector.

With knowledge ensuring integrity

At DSI, we believe that with knowledge and expertise, you can properly safeguard integrity. Therefore, frequent assessment of certified advisors and their educators, continuous knowledge development, and effective complaint handling are at the core of our daily work.

Founded by and for the sector

On behalf of key players within the investment sector, we, at DSI, ensure that the expertise of each certified professional meets current requirements. DSI adheres to an international standard in line with the norms of the European regulator ESMA. We continually invest in the value of our certificates. This way, our professionals demonstrate to (potential) clients and the environment that they are aware of the latest developments and requirements in the areas of integrity, knowledge, and competence.

Knowledge partner on integrity and compliance

DSI is also a knowledge partner. We set the agenda, inform, and keep knowledge up-to-date by bringing professionals together to actively exchange thoughts on developments in the market related to integrity and compliance. Together with key players in the investment industry (banks, asset managers, and institutional entities), we keep knowledge current.

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