Where trust begins

DSI Foundation focuses on building an investment sector where consumers, private investors and businesses can do business with trust. A sector where professionals are competent, and where fair and honest behaviour is the foundation of every partnership. That is what DSI stands for.

A healthy investment sector

To achieve that goal, we collaborate with partners from the investment sector to inform, test and develop professionals. We offer the sector a norm for knowledge and skills based on the ESMA Guidelines, certify professionals working in the investment sector, and enforce the DSI Code of Conduct for fair and honest behaviour. With the DSI Public Register of Certified Professionals and our own Ethics Enforcement, DSI ensures transparency and certainty in the investment sector.

Unique system

With its three pillars of Screening, Certification and Ethics, DSI offers a unique system that can dramatically reduce the risk of incidents. DSI was founded in 1999 by the financial sector itself. The foundation has signed a covenant with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM), and enjoys the broad support of branch organisations in the financial sector.

DSI Certification

DSI certifies professionals working in the investment sector who stand for integrity and professional expertise.

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DSI Newsletter

Stay up to date about the latest developments regarding DSI and the investment sector.

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DSI Public Register

The DSI Public Register lists professionals who stand for fair and honest professional behaviour, and who comply with the DSI Code of Conduct.

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