Accreditation Continuing Professional Education

Overview of learning objectives and accreditation requirements.

DSI accredits training institutes as part of the Continuing Professional Education program. On this page, you will find information on how the accreditation process works. You can also download the necessary forms and information here.

For certified investment professionals, DSI has developed a method to update knowledge and skills through an annual program. Since 2020, they can demonstrably remain permanently proficient. This is a legal requirement for many of them and thus a condition for DSI certification. DSI also facilitates employers in complying with European legislation on the expertise of investment professionals (the ESMA Guidelines).

Through accredited programs, employers and certified professionals can choose from the available options. This system replaces the periodic assessment. Below is an overview of the learning objectives per year for the Continuing Professional Education program.

Learning Objectives 2024

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Learning objectives 2023

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DSI Ensures Quality

DSI monitors the quality and content of the programs by annually defining the program topics. These topics are compiled by various DSI advisory committees consisting of industry professionals.

The independent DSI Accreditation Committee accredits training institutes that meet the requirements. Internal programs developed by employers that meet accreditation criteria may also be eligible. The DSI Accreditation Committee will periodically conduct audits to ensure quality.

Educators are warmly invited to submit programs for accreditation with DSI. An overview of accredited providers can be found here.

Below, you will find the necessary documentation for accreditation for the DSI Continuing Professional Education Program. This information is in Dutch. If you would like the information in English, please contact DSI via our contact page.