Sign up as a DSI participant

How can you as an employer sign up as a DSI participant?

Investment firms play a prominent role in DSI’s work. DSI was founded as a self-regulation institution in consultation with them, and with their collaboration DSI promotes a fair, honest and knowledgeable investment sector. If your business has an AFM or DNB license, then your organisation is eligible to join DSI as a participant.

Become a DSI participant

Your enterprise can also become a DSI participant. DSI participants support DSI’s mission – to promote a fair, honest and knowledgeable investment sector – and encourage their employees to obtain certification. DSI certification is an indication of your employees’ expertise and integrity, and shows your clients, prospects and supervisory bodies that you place a high value on integrity and expertise.

Register as a financial institution or intermediary

If your institution is a bank, insurer, pension fund, consultancy bureau or intermediary, then you can sign up as a participant by filling in and submitting the participant registration form below. DSI will send you a confirmation by email of your organisation’s registration.

Register as a DSI participant

Would you like to know more about DSI Certification?

If you have any questions about DSI Certification, please visit the FAQ page with answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have created this DSI Certification FAQ page to offer you as a professional or employer practical tips on how to find your way in the DSI Certification process. The site also explains how to use the MijnDSI environment.

If you cannot find your question in the FAQ page, or you need personal advice about requesting a specific certification, please feel free to contact us by mail at: or call us at 020-6201274. We would be happy to help you!