DSI Ethics Enforcement

A DSI (Candidate) Certified Professional commits to abide by the DSI Code of Conduct regarding integrity and professional expertise. DSI Ethics Enforcement is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct. This page offers more information about how ethics enforcement works, the options for submitting an ethics report, and the verdicts of the DSI Ethics Committee.

How does DSI disciplinary action work?

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DSI Ethics Enforcement verdicts

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Reporting non-compliant behaviour

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How does DSI disciplinary action work?

DSI Ethics Enforcement is a form of justice in which a special body, the DSI Ethics Committee, evaluates whether a DSI Certified Professional has worked in accordance with the applicable rules of professional behaviour. These rules are stipulated by the DSI Code of Conduct, and apply to every (Candidate) Certified Professional.

DSI Ethics Enforcement has a preventive effect. As an investment professional, you are aware that a conviction by the Ethics Committee will have an impact on your career, and that the norms stipulated in the Code of Conduct are not without obligation. 

DSI Ethics Enforcement offers many real-world examples of integrity dilemmas in the investment sector. The verdicts of the DSI Ethics Committee are published on the DSI website to inform the professional field of the learning effects of the ethics verdicts. 

How does DSI Ethics Enforcement work?

If a professional does not comply with the DSI Code of Conduct (Article 7), you may report incidents involving the professional to DSI. DSI employs its own prosecuting attorney, who investigates whether there are sufficient grounds for presenting the complaint to the DSI Ethics Committee. 

If the complaint is submitted to the DSI Ethics Committee and the committee declares the complaint to be justified, then the professional may be subjected to a sanction such as:

  • A warning
  • A fine (max. 25,000 euros)
  • A (temporary) suspension of DSI certification 
  • A permanent revocation of DSI certification 

Any sanction imposed by the DSI Ethics Committee will be posted in the DSI Public Register. As you may imagine, suspension or permanent revocation of a DSI certification will have a severe impact on the Certified Professional’s further career.

The Ethics Committee’s verdict may be appealed to the Appeals Committee. 

Who is subject to DSI Ethics Enforcement?

Professionals who trade, advise on or provide information to private or institutional clients about investments, and who work on behalf of an employer that is a DSI participant are all subject to DSI Ethics Enforcement. Compliance professionals employed by the DSI participant are also subject to DSI Ethics Enforcement.

Freelancers may be subject to DSI Ethics Enforcement if they are DSI-certified and perform work on behalf of at least one client who is also a DSI participant.

Reporting non-compliant behaviour

If you are aware of a professional who has violated the DSI Code of Conduct, you can submit a report to DSI for further investigation. The video above illustrates this issue. 

Report of an ethics violation

DSI Ethics Enforcement is intended as a corrective measure. DSI disciplinary actions therefore do not imply any civil law liability on the part of a professional or their employer. DSI disciplinary actions also cannot grant compensation for damages. Only a civil law judge or the Kifid may sentence the professional to the payment of compensation for damages.

You can submit your DSI Ethics Enforcement complaint via e-mail to, or in writing to the following address. Naturally, your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

DSI Foundation
Attn.: Secretary.
Beursplein 5
2012 JW Amsterdam

DSI Ethics Enforcement verdicts

If you are interested in past ethics enforcement verdicts, please see this page. These verdicts are informative examples of integrity-related dilemmas that every investment professional may encounter over the course of their career. We have also produced some short videos illustrating various verdicts on the DSI YouTube channel.

The verdicts on our website were issued by the DSI Ethics Committee and the Appeals Committee, which deal with ethics enforcement cases involving certified financial professionals and DSI.