Applying for certification

You wish to certify. Welcome to DSI! This page provides some quick information on our procedure and what you will need.

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Applying at

You start by creating an account at, your personal and secure online environment. After your account has been activated, you will have access to all necessary information and options regarding your DSI registration.

The process

Prepare for your application by determining for which certification you want to apply. All our certifications are listed here, including all the necessary prerequisites.

Application including (pre-)employment screening
Is this your first registration with DSI, are you moving to a different employer, or are you switching from a passive registration to an active one?  Then a personal screening by DSI Screening is standard procedure in our process.

DSI Screening checks your identity, your diplomas, work references of the past five years, your Certificate of Conduct and whether you’ve experienced a personal bankruptcy in the past five years.

Once the application procedure is finalised, you will receive a letter with the results and our digital DSI Screening Report containing all the findings of the screening procure.

Certificate of Conduct 
Being able to provide a Certificate of Conduct is obligatory. This certificate can be requested at the Dutch government ministry for Justice & Security. Upon reception of the certificate, you can upload a scanned, high resolution and full colour version of it to your account on

Sample test
DSI will at random select screening applicants to provide the paper original of the Certificate of Conduct to verify its authenticity. If our system selects you as a sample test candidate, a request to mail in your original certificate will appear on screen after uploading your scanned copy.

You can mail your original certificate to:
Postbus 3861
1001AR Amsterdam

The following documents are required to complete the process

Copy of your ID or passport

  • A copy of your original diploma of your highest completed education. If you studied in The Netherlands, you can also request a summary of education at DUO, the government’s central education administration agency
  • a signed authorization form (you can download this online when applying)
  • Certificate of Conduct  (you can request this online while applying)
  • Employer’s statement(s) drafted by DSI and personally signed by a person authorised to sign at your former employer(s). You can arrange to have us send this form to your former employer(s), so it is advised to have email addresses of persons at your former employer(s) ready.

Before starting the process, make sure you have your most recent CV at the ready so you can enter your most recent positions and work periods.

Certification fees

You can find our fees page here.