Requesting a certification

What to know about requesting a DSI certification

Would you like to become DSI-certified? This page offers a summary of the request process and everything you need to complete it. You can also use the DSI Certification Tool to learn which certification applies to your situation. If you have any questions, our team of consultants would be happy to assist you. 

Requesting a certification

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Which DSI certification should I request?

The nature of your work determines the choice for the right type of certification. When you answer the questions in the DSI Certification Tool, you can discover which certification is right for you. Click on the recommendation at the end to learn more about the register, the certification and the request procedure.

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Requesting a certification via MijnDSI

You can start your request by creating an account at This is your secure personal environment, where you can find and edit all of the information and options regarding your DSI certification.

Employee screening

An employee screening is a standard part of the DSI certification procedure. That applies to new certification requests, changes to your current certification, and conversion to passive registration. DSI is responsible for conducting the Screening. You can request a screening via MijnDSI. For more information about the screening process and the required documents, please visit this page.

Which documents do we need for your request?

  • Copy of a valid passport/proof of identification
  • DUO-transcript for your highest completed degree programme (if the transcript is not available via DUO, please submit a copy of the original diploma)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). DSI offers the option of requesting a VOG digitally during the request process.
  • Employer’s statement(s) drawn up by DSI and signed by an authorised person, such as a (former) supervisor or HR manager. This can be arranged digitally during the request process, so we recommend that you have the authorised signatories’ e-mail addresses on hand before you begin the request process.
  • Your CV can help fill in the employment history and job titles.
  • Collect the e-mail addresses for your former supervisors in advance, to facilitate the signatures of the required employer’s statements. DSI will draw up these statements as part of the request process.

Would you like to know more about DSI Certification?

If you have any questions about DSI Certification, please visit the FAQ page with answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have created this DSI Certification FAQ page to offer you as a professional or employer practical tips on how to find your way in the DSI Certification process. The site also explains how to use the MijnDSI environment.

If you cannot find your question in the FAQ page, or you need personal advice about requesting a specific certification, please feel free to contact us by mail at: or call us at 020-6201274. We would be happy to help you!