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The DSI Foundation certifies professionals in the investment sector, whether they are employees or freelancers working on behalf of a financial institution that is a DSI member organisation. How can you as a professional decide which register is most applicable to you? How can you change your certification if necessary? And what does the Life-Long Learning programme entail? Take a look at the various elements.

Help selecting the right DSI certification

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How can you request a DSI certification?

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DSI Continuing Professional Education program

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Which certification is most suitable for your situation?

The nature of your work determines the choice for the right type of certification. When you answer the questions in the DSI Certification Tool, you can discover which certification is right for you. Click on the recommendation at the end to learn more about the register, the certification and the request procedure.

What are the benefits of DSI certification?

A professional certified by DSI:

The difference between a Certified Professional and a Candidate Certified Professional

The first step in the DSI certification process is that of Candidate Certified Professional. You abide by the Code of Conduct, but have not yet satisfied all of the education and work experience requirements. You can find a more detailed description of the difference between a Certified Professional and a Candidate Certified Professional here.

Employee screening for certification

An employee screening is a standard part of the DSI certification procedure. That applies to new certification requests, changes to your current certification, and conversion to passive registration. DSI is responsible for conducting the Screening. You can request a screening via MijnDSI. For more information about the screening process and the required documents, please visit this page.

Would you like to know more about DSI Certification?

If you have any questions about DSI Certification, please visit the FAQ page with answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have created this DSI Certification FAQ page to offer you as a professional or employer practical tips on how to find your way in the DSI Certification process. The site also explains how to use the MijnDSI environment.

If you cannot find your question in the FAQ page, or you need personal advice about requesting a specific certification, please feel free to contact us by mail at: or call us at 020-6201274. We would be happy to help you!