DSI Certification Overview

Which DSI certification registers are available to professionals?

As a professional working in the investment sector, you can apply for certification in a DSI register. DSI maintains 12 registers, the DSI Integrity register and the 11 job-related registers divided among the ESMA Registers and the Specialist Registers.

The nature of your work determines the choice for the right type of certification. Do you advise clients about investments? Do you have contact with private investors? Do you advise clients, or provide them with information? These and other questions determine which register you should apply for. The DSI Certification Guide can help you make that decision.

DSI ESMA registers

DSI Specialist Registers

DSI ESMA Registers

Fully registered Certified Professionals listed in the retail and institutional registers have all met the ESMA Guidelines. Through certification and life-long learning, DSI ensures that professionals who inform or advise clients about investments meet at least the minimum requirements for the ESMA Guidelines. Passing the exam shows that you have met the requirements stipulated by the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) as part of the implementation of ESMA policy in the Netherlands. For more information about the ESMA guidelines, see this page.

More information

Would you like to know which register is best for you, or would you like to change your certification? For these and other questions, please visit our FAQ page. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, our associates would be happy to assist you. You can contact us by our contact form or by calling 020-6201274.