DSI Participants

Employers of professionals in the financial sector

At DSI, employers in the financial sector can certify their employees. This demonstrates to (potential) clients that they are assisted by professionals who are knowledgeable about the most current integrity dilemmas and the latest developments in knowledge and competence.

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DSI Participants

Only employees of organizations affiliated with DSI can obtain certification. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to first register as participants. Subsequently, employees can apply for registration. To register as a DSI participant, you can use this link. For a complete overview of the DSI participants, visit this page.

What are the benefits of DSI certification?

A professional certified by DSI:

DSI certifications

DSI has 11 certification registers for your employees. See the DSI Certification overview for a list of registers of Certified Professionals. The overview offers information about each register’s contents, applicability and which accredited education providers offer Continuing Professional Education program and examinations for professionals.

The difference between a Certified Professional and a Candidate Certified Professional

Your employee’s first step towards DSI certification is earning the status of Candidate Certified Professional. The employee abides by the Code of Conduct, but has not yet satisfied all of the education and work experience requirements. You can find a more detailed description of the difference between a Certified Professional and a Candidate Certified Professional here.

Share your DSI participation with your network

If you employ DSI-certified professionals, you can also mention that fact in your business communications. That way, (potential) clients, prospects and supervisory bodies know that you place a high value on integrity and expertise in the financial sector, and that your employees meet the requirements stipulated by the ESMA. For more information about the use of our logo, see this link.

Would you like to know more about DSI Certification?

If you have any questions about DSI Certification, please visit the FAQ page with answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have created this DSI Certification FAQ page to offer you as a professional or employer practical tips on how to find your way in the DSI Certification process. The site also explains how to use the MijnDSI environment.

If you cannot find your question in the FAQ page, or you need personal advice about requesting a specific certification, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Officers by the contactform or call us at 020-6201274.