DSI Ethic Enforcement

How to submit a report of an ethics violation

A DSI (Candidate) Certified Professional commits to abide by the DSI Code of Conduct regarding integrity and professional expertise. If you believe that a Certified Professional has violated this Code of Conduct, you can report the incident to DSI. This page explains how to submit a report and what DSI does with your complaint.

Report of an ethics violation

Ethics Enforcement deals with the question of whether a professional has violated the DSI Code of Conduct. DSI Ethics Enforcement is intended as a corrective measure. DSI disciplinary actions therefore do not imply any civil law liability on the part of a professional or their employer. You can submit a report of a violation of the DSI Code of Conduct to us in writing.

Please note: a report is not always suitable to submit as a complaint to the DSI Ethics Committee. It may be better to submit it to the Kifid or bring the issue before the civil court. DSI disciplinary actions also cannot grant the complainant compensation for damages. Only a civil law judge or the Kifid may sentence the professional to the payment of compensation for damages.

Submitting a report to DSI

DSI will always take reports of violations seriously. The investigation involves several steps. The video below explains how we process the report.

You can submit your DSI Ethics Enforcement complaint in writing via e-mail to, or to the following post address.

Attn.: Secretary.
Beursplein 5
1012 JW Amsterdam

Naturally, your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.