Certification fees

From January 1, 2024

The following rate applies from January 1, 2024. Here you’ll find the fee for the certification of employees for participating financial institutions.

Rate 2024

  • DSI determines the annual fee per participant based on the average number of certified individuals over the past three years, relative to the budget for that year.
  • Participants receive one invoice per year, and there’s no additional charge for new certifications or changes during the year.
  • For new customers, an estimate of the number of certified individuals for invoicing needs to be provided at the beginning. Over time, this is automatically adjusted.
  • Special requests from participants leading to non-pre-budgeted costs are documented in an agreement between DSI and the involved participant(s).
  • The more certified individuals DSI has, the lower the cost per certified individual becomes, with a consistent budget.
  • The rate is exclusive of VAT.
Annual contribution Fee 2024
Full or Candidate certification €330

More information

For more details about the structure of our rates in 2024, we kindly refer you to the page on funding changes. To learn about the rate for 2023, you can check this page.