Continuing Professional Education

Up-to-date about the latest legislation and regulations

The DSI Continuing Professional Education program (PE program) enables professionals to maintain their knowledge and skills and stay updated on the latest legal and regulatory developments. Every DSI-certified individual is obligated to participate in an annually approved Continuing Professional Education program by DSI. Successful completion of this program ensures that you meet all the necessary requirements as a certified professional.

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The PE program has been developed in close collaboration with the industry and the regulator. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the numerous new developments and legislative changes relevant to your field. Clients rightfully expect certified professionals to be well-informed about current developments. Furthermore, the legislator imposes requirements on employees with customer contact. In addition to all this, it is also a requirement for certified professionals to continually update their knowledge. Therefore, the PE Program is mandatory for DSI-certified individuals.

Choose a PE program that matches your registration

It’s important to know which register you are certified in because it determines which variant of the PE program you should follow. For example, if you are registered in the Advising Standard Retail register, you should follow the Advising Standard Retail PE program and not the program for Informing Retail Investment. Therefore, always check (with your training provider) if you are following the correct PE program.

Note! Do you have multiple DSI registrations? For each registration, you must follow a separate PE program. PE programs are not required for the Integrity Register.

PE Program training providers

The providers of the PE program are accredited by DSI and offer current and relevant programs. Several accredited providers offer PE programs. You can consult an up-to-date list of training institutes here.

The topics that should be covered in the PE programs offered by training institutes have been determined by DSI advisory committees. These topics are included in the theme overviews (learning objectives) for the year 2024.

Consult your employer before choosing a training provider

Before selecting a training provider, it’s wise to ask your employer if a specific provider has been chosen. Some employers have agreements with training providers. If your employer has not selected a specific provider, you can choose one yourself and enroll. Keep in mind that the program’s price may vary depending on the provider. Ensure that the chosen program aligns with the register for which you are certified.

The participation in the PE program is mandatory.

The PE program is annually determined anew due to current affairs and amended laws and regulations applicable in that specific year. Therefore, it is compulsory to complete this recurring program within that year, excluding professionals registered in the DSI Integrity Register. Each year, a new PE period begins on January 1, and professionals who have not successfully completed the program lose their certified status.

Continuing Professional Education 2023

When should you have completed PE 2023?

If you are registered with DSI before January 1, 2023, it means you are required to undertake PE 2023. We expect you to successfully complete PE 2023 by January 1, 2024, so you can commence the PE 2024 program from that date. Read more about PE 2023 for additional information.

Have you passed PE 2023?

Congratulations on successfully completing PE 2023! At this time, no further action is required from you. In January 2024, we will receive a list of successful candidates from all training providers. At that point, we will process and include your result in the Public Register. Note: If you have passed, there is no need to send your result or diploma to DSI.

Exceptions for PE completion

For (candidate) certified individuals who registered with DSI after January 1, it is not mandatory to successfully complete the PE program in the registration year itself. This obligation applies to them only a year later, unless you have previously held a DSI registration. If you modify your registration before July 1, you must follow the program associated with the new register.

If you modify the registration after July 1, you can complete the original program. If you switch from ‘informing’ to ‘advising’ or vice versa, you can also complete the original program according to the aforementioned rules.

Consequences of not completing the PE program on time

The annual completion of the Professional Education program is mandatory for DSI-certified individuals, except for professionals registered in the DSI Integrity Register. Failing to complete it on time can have immediate consequences for your ability to work independently, as you would no longer meet the legal requirements of the ESMA guidelines.

More information

If you need more information about the PE program 2023, please visit our website or use our contact form to get in touch with our Customer Care Officers. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Continuing Professional Education Program.