Rules and regulations

See below for an overview of the statutes, regulations and privacy rules that apply to the DSI Foundation. Simply select the document to download the information.

DSI Foundation Statutes

Overview of the DSI Foundation Statutes and more information about the foundation’s creation and objectives.

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DSI Regulations

Overview of the DSI Regulations, including the General Regulations, Participants Regulations and Disciplinary Regulations.

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Privacy Statement & Cookies

Discover how DSI deals with your personal data for all of our services and websites in the DSI Privacy Statement.

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DSI Code of Conduct

Individuals certified by DSI are subject to the DSI Code of Conduct and the attendant ethics regulations. The Code of Conduct gives Certified Professionals guidelines and obligations with regard to the knowledge, skills and integrity necessary to perform their work. The DSI Code of Conduct is an integral component of the DSI General Regulations. Download the DSI Code of Conduct.

Using our logo

If you are a Certified Professional, you naturally want to let others know as well. DSI Certified Professionals are allowed to use the DSI logo. However, some conditions apply to the use of the DSI logo. See this page for the General Terms and Conditions and instructions for use in social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn below.

AFM-DSI Covenant

DSI has signed a covenant with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) regarding a partnership to promote integrity supervision and the enforcement of professional expertise and reliability of individuals working at an institution subject to supervision. You can download the entire covenant here.

DSI Foundation Statutes

DSI Foundation Statutes .PDF

Regulations | Ethics Enforcement

DSI Code of Conduct .PDF

Regulations | Management of Personal Data

DSI Privacy Statement .PDF