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The DSI Investment Analyst register comprises professionals who analyze businesses, political situations, and economic developments, issuing forecasts based on these analyses. The role of an analyst is intricate, and their interpretations have significant implications for the financial sector. With the continuous innovations and changes in securities trading and financial markets, this complexity is further heightened.

As an investment analyst, one must therefore meet competency requirements to ensure they possess the necessary expertise and skills. Registration in the DSI Investment Analyst register indicates that the investment analyst meets the rigorous requirements set by the sector.

How do you apply for this certification?

Various requirements apply for admission and maintenance of this certification, ranging from admission criteria to mandatory participation in a Continuing Professional Education Program. Below is an overview of the requirements.

Certification always begins with registration at DSI. You can do this via MyDSI. This can be done before you meet all the requirements. We will then register you as a candidate-certified. Once you fully meet all the requirements, we will convert your registration to certified. View here step-by-step the application process for certification at DSI.

Admission requirements

  • General admission requirements
    • The employer or client must be a DSI participant;
    • The candidate must complete a registration screening;
    • The candidate must agree to, and abide by the DSI Code of Conduct;
    • The candidate must maintain their level of knowledge of legislation and regulations;
    • Since 2020, DSI-certified investment professionals must participate in an annual programme to maintain their professional expertise: the Continuing Professional Education Programme. For more information, click here.
  • Integrity

    For access to the financial sector and DSI registration, ethical behavior is essential. As a certified professional, you must successfully complete the DSI Integrity e-learning module. You can enroll in this e-learning through the Dutch Compliance Institute. For more details and registration, click here.

  • Knowledge

    If you want to certify yourself for the DSI Securities Trader register, you must have completed the following course: CFA level I or other foreign equivalent.

  • Work experience

    During a 12-month period (fulltime equivalent) over the past five years, the Certified Professional has spent a substantial portion of his/her time on register-related activities, whether in the current position or in previous positions.

  • Certification fees

    You can find the fees for DSI Certification here.

Investment Analyst

For professionals who study companies, political situations and economic developments and make forecasts based on them.

What does the Investment Analyst register entail?

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Which professionals are listed in the register?

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What does the Continuing Professional Education Program entail?

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What does the register entail?

A listing in the DSI Investment Analyst register indicates that the professional possesses sufficient knowledge and skills to arrive at a correct interpretation of the financial data and market developments. These interpretations are then used to issue a prognosis regarding the purchase and sale of securities by investors and investment advisors, and therefore have a major influence on the stability of the financial markets.

Registered professionals may have one of two statuses: Certified Professional or Candidate Certified Professional. Both must comply with the Code of Conduct drawn up by DSI. The difference is in the level of education or work experience the professional has acquired. A professional can receive the status of candidate certified if they do not meet all of these requirements.

Certified Professionals listed in the DSI Investment Analyst register have successfully completed examinations for knowledge and skills. During a 12-month period (fulltime equivalent) over the past five years, they have spent a substantial portion of their time on register-related activities, and have participated in the annual DSI Continuing Professional Education program.

Who is listed in the register?

The DSI Investment Analyst register lists professionals employed by a financial institution, such as a bank, pension fund or insurance firm. They are often employed by a company or work for the company as an independent contractor.

What must a registered professional know?

The knowledge that a professional registered in the DSI Investment Analyst register must possess has been determined by the DSI advisory committees and the DSI Accreditation Committee. A professional listed in the DSI Investment Analyst register has acquired sufficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • the value of financial instruments, plus the factors that express and influence that value;
  • the basic principles of relevant forms of analysis and valuation;
  • the organisation and operation of securities markets in relation to demand and consumer behaviour, supply and production factors;
  • the macro-economic variables that can influence the trade in securities, options, and futures;
  • the various forms of business financing;
  • assessing developments in international and financial markets, in relationship to past and present socio-political factors;
  • the risks of various investment opportunities over the short and long term;
  • the methods and models for analysing and interpreting financial and economic data;
  • the requirements that financial reports must meet;
  • which activities are prohibited by law or code of conduct, and why;
  • familiarity with fiscal regulations;
  • the rules for trading on exchanges, and can indicate when data are not in accordance with regulations;

Continuing Professional Education Program

Keeping your DSI certification up-to-date

As a DSI (Candidate) Certified Professional listed in the Investment Analyst register, you are required to successfully complete the Continuing Professional Education program each year. To follow the program, you can register with The Ministry of Compliance:

Educational Institutions

Successful completion of the DSI Continuing Professional Education programme indicates that you have met all of the legal requirements for certification. More information about the Continuing Professional Education programme can be found here.

Please note: You are free to choose your preferred provider. We recommend that you ask your employer if the organisation has made any collective agreements with the education providers.

More information

If you have any questions about the DSI Investment Analyst register, and cannot find the answers in the FAQ page, please contact one of our DSI Cusomer Care Officers. We would be happy to help you! You can contact us by e-mail via the contactform or by calling 020-6201274.