DSI accredits Lindenhaeghe for PV program

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The DSI Accreditation Committee has approved the program of the Lindenhaeghe training institute for the Continuing Professional Education Program (PV-program). Investment professionals who wish to start the PV-program in 2023 can do so directly at the training institute. Click here to go directly to the Lindenhaeghe website.

Van Lindenhaeghe, the PV program is accredited from PV 2023 for the following registers:

New learning goals PV 2023

As recently shared, the DSI advisory committees have determined the learning goals for the PV program 2023. You can discover the learning objectives for your specific register here. For 2023 you can already register with a trainer of your choice.

More information

Do you have questions about the content of a PV training or do you want to register for a program? Contact the education providers directly. Click here for a complete overview of institutes for the Continuing Professional Education Program. Do you have questions about your DSI certification? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at