DSI Introduces Supervisory Board

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DSI has made a significant change in direction. Starting from October 26, 2023, DSI has implemented an entirely new governance model with a Supervisory Board and a managing director.

The Evolution of DSI’s Governance Model

When DSI was founded in 1999, a governance structure was chosen that included industry associations from the sector in the board. These associations represented their members in the board. In recent years, DSI operated with a broad General Board with an independent chair. From the General Board, an Executive Board was formed, and the director was responsible for the daily management of the organization.

In 2023, the General Board decided to establish a Supervisory Board with a managing director. This model, now common among smaller foundations and associations, aligns best with the renewed and downsized DSI. The involved industry associations will have a different role, as anchored in the new statutes.

More information about the new governance can be found here: new governance DSI

Composition of the Supervisory Board

Our new Supervisory Board consists of five experts from the financial world, with the primary task of overseeing the policies of the managing director, Floris Mreijen. The composition of the Supervisory Board is as follows:

Tanja Nagel (Chair)

Tanja Nagel, with an extensive career in financial services, held top positions at renowned institutions such as Van Lanschot and Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers. Currently, she is a commissioner at EY Netherlands and a board member at Stichting Oncode and Stichting Capital Amsterdam. Additionally, she serves as a moderator at the Erasmus Governance Institute. Tanja Nagel was formerly the chair of the DSI board and will now be the chair of the Supervisory Board.

Jaco Aardoom

Jaco Aardoom, former CEO of Hof Hoorneman Bankiers, has extensive experience in fund management and the private banking sector. He previously served as division chair of Delta Lloyd Asset Management and was director of Investments at Ohra Insurance & Banking Group. His career began in 1988 as an account manager at Bank Mees & Hope.

Theo Andringa

Theo Andringa has extensive experience in the retail investment sector. He currently works as a director and investment team member at the asset manager NNEK. Additionally, Theo was the chairman of the Association of Asset Managers & Advisors for 12 years. In this capacity, Theo was also a board member of DSI.

Erik Luttenberg

Erik Luttenberg, former statutory director of asset manager Kempen Capital Management, has extensive experience in financial services. Currently, he is active as a director at KPN pension fund, at Eumedion, and as a director and supervisor at several investment institutions.

Daniƫlle Melis

Daniƫlle Melis, with a background in the banking sector and a specialization in corporate governance, earned her stripes at MeesPierson, NIBC, and Rabobank, and in the governance domain as the chair of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute. Currently, she is a board member and also a member of the investment advisory committee of the General Pension Fund Stap, and she holds directorships at Triodos Bank, PGGM Investments, and Blue Sky Group. Until November 1, she was a member of the Disciplinary Committee of DSI, a role she relinquishes with her appointment to the Supervisory Board.

Thanks to Former Board Members

With the introduction of the Supervisory Board, DSI bids farewell to the board members who have diligently led the organization in recent years, thanking them for their efforts to make the financial sector more reliable and competent.

In the coming months, the members of the Supervisory Board will be introduced more extensively through personal interviews. We invite you to stay informed about the latest developments around DSI and its initiatives through our newsletter and LinkedIn channel.


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