ESMA Final objectives updated

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DSI, together with its advisory committees and accreditation committee, has updated the so-called final objectives for the initial examinations of DSI-ESMA registers. Following on from this, we have asked the DSI accredited educational institutions to adjust the initial exams as well. With this, investment professionals entering from 1 January 2023 will take an exam that responds to the most important developments in recent years.

A DSI certified investment professional meets the legal professional competence requirements. This professional has completed the necessary DSI-accredited exams and will complete the Continuing Professional Education Program. The exams meet the legal requirements drawn up by ESMA a few years ago.

On the basis of these legal requirements, DSI, together with its advisory committees and accreditation committee, has established so-called attainment targets. The accredited exams are derived from this. This ensures that legally required knowledge components are part of the exams.

Because these attainment targets were established a few years ago and additional themes have been added to the program in recent years (via the Continuing Professional Education program), DSI found it necessary to update the initial attainment targets. These have since been updated and adopted by the advisory committees and the accreditation committee. Look here for the updated final objectives.

We have asked trainers to update the initial exams on the basis of these new attainment targets. It is expected that these updated exams will be administered from 1 January 2023. Of course, this update has no consequences for certified persons who have already completed the exam and who follow the Continuing Professional Education program. The update is intended to allow investment professionals entering the field to take an exam, including the most important developments from recent years.

Do you have questions about the updated learning outcomes or general questions about the ESMA exams? Please contact our Certification department: