Learning objectives PE 2024

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Every year, the DSI Advisory Committees revise the learning objectives for the Continuing Professional Education (PE) program to keep the registers up-to-date and comply with changing laws and regulations. Here is a concise overview of the learning objectives for the Retail Investment, Institutional Investment, and Treasury registers:

Retail Investment

The PE program for Retail covers the topics alternative investments, publicly traded private equity, sustainable investing, and AI. It also addresses the theme of saving versus investing. The PE program will delve into the impact of changing return expectations (e.g., higher bond yields) and changing taxation regarding saving and investing on the suitability of a particular risk profile.

View the learning objectives for Retail in 2024 here.

Institutional Investment

Similar to this year, the learning objectives place significant emphasis on current developments in sustainable investing. The consequences of the current interest rate policy for various asset classes are also discussed. Additionally, topics include monetary developments, the transition to the new pension system, Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), and AI.

View the learning objectives for Institutional Investment in 2024 here.


The learning objectives for Treasury in the coming year focus on the most important developments in sustainable investing in commodity markets. Carbon credits are also covered. The impact of the current interest rate policy and geopolitical risks will be addressed in the PE program as well. Finally, EMIR 3.0 and AI are included in the learning objectives.

View the learning objectives for Treasury in 2024 here.

DSI ensures the quality and content of the PE programs by keeping the learning objectives current. The topics are assembled by experts from the industry in various DSI advisory committees. More information about the PE program can be found here.


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