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The board of DSI has decided, as the final step in all the earlier changes, to adjust the governance of the organization. The model with a General Board is being replaced by a Supervisory Board with a director-manager. The Supervisory Board will be operational in the autumn of 2023.

The development of DSI’s governance model

When DSI was founded in 1999, a governance structure was chosen in which industry organizations from the sector joined. These branches represented their constituency on the board. Over time, there have been regular discussions about alternative governance structures, and several adjustments have been made. In recent years, DSI has worked with a broad General Board with an independent chairman. A Managing Board was formed from the General Board, and the director was responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization.

DSI is transitioning to a supervisory board model

In 2023, after considering various governance models, the General Board decided to establish a Supervisory Board with a director-manager. This model, which has become common for smaller foundations and associations, best suits the renewed and smaller DSI and makes decision-making faster and more flexible. The involved industry organizations will have a different role, anchored in the new statutes.

The main elements of the new governance are as follows:

  • The Supervisory Board is tasked with overseeing the policies of the board (the director-manager) and the general affairs of the Foundation.
  • The Supervisory Board will consist of at least 4 and at most 5 individuals. These individuals have a background in the financial sector and an affinity with DSI’s field of work. The composition of the Supervisory Board will be aligned with the corporate governance code as much as possible.
  • The director-manager is responsible for managing the foundation and annually prepares an activity plan and a budget. The Supervisory Board must then approve the activity plan and the budget. The approval of the Supervisory Board is also required for several other significant decisions by the director-manager.
  • The involvement of the industry organizations is enshrined in the statutes. The director-manager is required to hold annual discussions with the industry organizations about strategic developments. The director-manager will also organize an annual plenary meeting for the industry organizations to discuss the annual plan and budget. This will start in 2024.
  • The statutes also include a mechanism to keep DSI’s costs under control. A financial committee will be established with the task of assessing the efficiency and necessity of a significant budget overrun or a proposed increase in the budget for the following year.
  • The new Supervisory Board will commence in the autumn of 2023. DSI will communicate the composition of the board in the near future.

More Information

If you would like more information about the new governance, please contact Floris Mreijen (Director DSI) for answers to your questions via the contact form or by phone at 020 – 620 12 74.


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