Renewed and modernized integrity e-learning

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Together with the Dutch Compliance Institute (NCI), DSI has completely revamped the ‘Integrity’ e-learning. This modernized e-learning is designed to raise awareness among financial professionals about the importance of acting with integrity in their daily practice. It is mandatory for anyone seeking certification within one of the DSI registers. You can enroll in the e-learning starting today through the Dutch Compliance Institute website.

Renewed and modernized integrity e-learning ready for use

The e-learning has undergone a thorough makeover. Not only has the content and structure been revised, but all learning objectives have also been meticulously reviewed by NCI in collaboration with members of the DSI Integrity Advisory Committee. During the development, committee members also shared their insights. The result? A completely revised and modernized ‘DSI-Integrity’ e-learning, available for use starting today.

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Efficient E-Learning: Shorter Duration and Focus on Relevance

In addition to changes in structure, we have also considered the time factor for participants. We have critically evaluated the relevance of topics and the length of texts, resulting in a shorter duration for completing the e-learning.

Important to note: the new e-learning is applicable to all professionals, regardless of their role or responsibilities. Integrity is crucial for every professional, and this is highlighted through examples from various work environments. Upon completing the e-learning, there will be an assessment that needs to be passed with a satisfactory grade.

Workshop as an Additional Requirement for Certain Professionals

For some professionals in DSI’s ESMA and Specialists Registers, an additional requirement applies: in addition to the e-learning, they must also successfully complete the DSI Integrity Workshop. This workshop is conducted by the Dutch Compliance Institute in collaboration with Nyenrode Business University. It primarily focuses on applying integrity and critical judgment in practice.

How can I enroll in the e-learning and/or the workshop?

If you wish to enroll in the e-learning and/or the workshop, you can do so through the Dutch Compliance Institute website: For more information about the Integrity E-Learning, you can also contact the Dutch Compliance Institute at 088-9988100 or DSI at 020-6201274.