Continuing Professional Education FAQ

DSI certification stands for being and remaining professionally competent. For this purpose, DSI has developed the Continuing Professional Education (PE) program. Part of the certification involves successfully completing this program annually.

This FAQ page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Continuing Professional Education program and specifically about PE 2024 and PE 2023. If you are directly looking for one of the training providers for the PE, click here. For other questions, refer to the list below. For the learning objectives of CPE 2024, check here.

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Continuing Professional Education 2024

DSI Continuing Professional Education Program - PE 2024

Continuing Professional Education 2023

DSI Continuing Professional Education Program - PE 2023

DSI Continuing Professional Education Program - PE 2024

  • Am I able to switch from training provider for the PE program during the year?

    In order to keep your knowledge up to date, you need to complete the entire PE program at one educator. These training providers are accredited by DSI and deliver current and relevant programs. DSI ensures the quality and content of these programs by annually determining their topics. The sequence in which these topics are covered may vary among training providers. Consequently, we only consider PE results from participants who have completed the entire annual program with one provider. Should you wish to switch from educator, then this can be done at the start of the new PE year.