MijnDSI Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks about applying for a screening via MijnDSI

MijnDSI Tips & Tricks

  • Load only 1 diploma per file

    DSI has noticed that applicants occasionally try to upload more than one diploma per document file. This makes the verification process more difficult, so please only upload one diploma document per file.

    Also please note that DSI will only list 3 additional diplomas on your screening report, so you only need to upload a maximum of 3 separate diploma documents.

  • In the drop-down menu for ‘Work history’, please do not select ‘Multiple periods'

    The drop-down menu for ‘Work history’ in your MijnDSI platform shows the option ‘Multiple periods’. We ask that you do not choose this option in the drop-down menu. Experience has shown that the term ‘multiple periods’ in your screening report can cause confusion. DSI is working on removing this option from the system, but until then we ask that you do not select this option in the menu.

  • Uploading files? Make sure they are in .jpeg format and not larger than 5Mb

    You will have to upload documents as part of the screening application. Please make sure that the files are not larger than 5 Mb. The platform will not accept uploaded files that are larger than 5 Mb.

    The platform can always read .jpeg files, but it may have difficulty recognising other file formats, for example when uploading your proof of identification.

  • Log in to MijnDSI using a desktop computer or laptop

    MijnDSI works well on a desktop and laptop, but has not yet been optimised for other devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets or iPads.

    So if you log into MijnDSI using one of these devices, it will not work properly. We recommend that you use a desktop computer or laptop.