Outcomes DSI consultation board meeting

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We recently held our first DSI Consultation Meeting, and we’re eager to share the valuable insights we gained. During this meeting, discussions revolved around current training programs, certifications, and concrete suggestions to improve DSI’s visibility. Concrete action points were established to further strengthen DSI and increase engagement.

Training & Examinations:

Engaging discussions centered on the structure of training and examinations, which vary between providers, raising questions about uniformity. It was clarified that while providers have flexibility in their approach, they must align with the learning objectives. DSI has committed to ongoing dialogue with providers and feedback discussions.


We explored opportunities to expand and deepen registers, touching on themes such as sustainability, digitization, and financial crime. Some expressed a desire for more tailored training and perhaps a register for specialists in specific areas. DSI will incorporate this feedback into the ongoing strategy development. We have already taken the first step in this direction by developing the DSI Financial Crime Professional register.

Importance of Visibility:

Many valuable tips were shared, emphasizing the importance of DSI’s visibility. We aim to share more information, both online and offline, and seek input from certified professionals on current topics. DSI is evolving into a platform open to all stakeholders. We will utilize LinkedIn to actively engage professionals.

Action Points for DSI:

– Enhance visibility (e.g., through LinkedIn).
– Develop an information package for certified professionals.
– Research improvements in training programs.
– Provide clear explanations of ESMA registers on the website.

We thank the participants of the DSI Consultation Group, consisting of 8 certified professionals, for their active contributions and look forward to future developments. If you are interested in joining the consultation group and shaping the future of DSI, there is still room for 2 more members. Sign up here!

What does the DSI Consultation Group entail?

The consultation group consists of a fixed group of up to 10 certified professionals from various DSI registers. The group meets twice a year for a meeting at Beursplein in Amsterdam. During these meetings, various developments and services of DSI are discussed, focusing on how we can bring DSI closer to professionals and align our strategy accordingly.


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