DSI screens professionals working in the financial sector, whether they're working for employers or are self-employed. And we're thorough. DSI was asked to draw up the standards for these screenings and the sector's national supervisory body, the Financial Markets Authority (AFM), supports our screening method.

We check the following information: identity, diplomas, work experience, Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and personal bankruptcies. The same standards apply to personnel employed via temporary agencies or staffing bureaus. Naturally, we comply with all applicable privacy legislation.

How can screening help?

Acting with integrity and building confidence are vital in order to do business honestly in the financial world. You cannot tell by an employee’s appearance whether he or she will serve the client’s interests fairly and honestly. So DSI checks their personal information in order to prevent problems from occurring to the best of its knowledge. Screening is not voluntary: the Financial Supervision Act requires all persons employed in the financial sector to undergo a screening.

DSI. For integrity and expertise in the financial sector.