Employment screening by Validata

Screening as part of certification application

If a professional would like to become DSI-certified or wants to change his or her current certification, an employment screening is a mandatory part of the certification procedure. Validata performs this screening for DSI. We explain how this screening process works on this page.

When applying for a DSI certification in one of the registers, you must start a certification application in MijnDSI. This is an online portal where you as a professional can request, view and change your certification. Applying or changing for a (new) certification takes place in 5 steps, of which an employment screening is a standard part. In this overview you can view the entire application process. The screening is performed for DSI by the Validata Group. Validata is a professional screening organization that attaches great importance to quality marks (including ISO), IT security and privacy.

Request employment screening

When applying for or changing a certification in MijnDSI, the applicant automatically receives an invitation from Validata to perform an employment screening after completing a few basic questions. As a professional or employer, you therefore do not contact Validata yourself to start a screening, that process takes place via MijnDSI. Via the invitation from Validata, the applicant goes through the screening procedure step-by-step.

Validata informs the professional about the screening process and which parts are applicable within the screening. The following components can be part of the screening process: proof of identity, insolvency check, highest level of education, work experience, Declaration on Behavior (VOG)  and the DSI integrity questionnaire.

Screening lead time

After the required information has been provided, the average throughput time for a screening at Validata is approximately 10 working days. Components that have a longer lead time are the Declaration on Behavior (VOG) and the verification of foreign diplomas. After completion of the screening, both the professional and DSI receive the screening report. DSI checks the data. If everything is agreed, the certification application will be approved. Depending on certificates already obtained, exams and work experience with regard to the register, the professional is now a DSI certified professional or DSI certified candidate professional.

Status check screening

To check the status of the screening, you must always log in to your Validata account. This is of course only possible after you have started the screening. DSI has limited insight into the status and progress of your screening. If you have any questions about your screening, always contact Validata directly.


The privacy of you and your employees is very important to us. We ensure that the data you share with us is treated with care. We would like to explain how we do this in our privacy statement. Validata’s privacy statement applies to the screening at Validata.

De privacy van u en uw medewerkers vinden wij erg belangrijk. Wij zorgen ervoor dat de gegevens die u met ons deelt zorgvuldig worden behandeld. In onze privacy statement lichten wij graag toe hoe wij dat doen. Met betrekking tot de screening bij Validata, is het privacy statement van Validata van toepassing.

More information about Validata

Validata is an expert in conducting screening applications and DSI will make use of this experience and knowledge. For questions about the screening process, professionals can contact Validata. Validata has a special FAQ page for frequently asked questions about the screening process. Validata can be reached on working days from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (on Fridays until 6:00 PM) by telephone on +31 (0) 88 050 2100 and by e-mail at

Questions and contact

For more information about applying for a DSI certification, please refer to this page. For questions about the certification process you can contact DSI directly via email: or telephone +31 (0) 20 620 1274. DSI has set up a special FAQ page about the certification process.