Screening types and fees

DSI screens employees for integrity-sensitive positions in the financial sector. And DSI is thorough in its work. Our fee structure is transparent; the fees are non-profit, and only cover the cost of the service.

Screening types

DSI Pre-employment Screening

The high-quality basic screening.  This screening is more than sufficient to come to a proper integrity analysis in most cases.

DSI Pre-employment Screening Plus

DSI also offers DSI Screening Plus for employees in very integrity-sensitive positions. This screening includes the trusted DSI Screening, but can be expanded with extra verifications and checks.

DSI In-employment Screening

The high quality basic screening for employees who are already employed by your company.

DSI Abridged In-employment Screening

A screening for employees who have been working with your company for more than 5 years.


Fees below are exclusive VAT.

Screening Fees 2022

Screening type Fee
DSI Pre-employment Screening €134
DSI Pre-employment Screening Plus €155
DSI In-employment Screening €134
DSI Abridged In-employment Screening €109