Week of Integrity

As a proud partner of this event, taking place from December 1 to 9, we embrace the power of ethical behavior in the financial sector. At DSI, integrity goes beyond being a core value; it guides our mission. We believe in a financial world where ethics and professionalism go hand in hand.

DSI has undertaken various initiatives to highlight ethical conduct in the financial sector. This includes incorporating the Integrity Module e-learning into all our certifications and forming various partnerships with sector partners.

Activities by DSI

EY and DSI organize a round table on greenwashing

EY and DSI hosted round table sessions on Greenwashing. Insights are shared in an informative whitepaper that will be made available to the sector.

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Stakeholder event on integrity and inclusion

Rabobank, KPMG, and DSI organized a stakeholder forum on integrity and inclusion. Perspectives from various sectors were discussed based on statements and questions.

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Dilemmas of investment professionals

Check out our live webinar on the dilemmas of investment professionals. Discover the learning outcomes and practical applications of statements discussed during the DSI Disciplinary Proceedings.

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What is the Week of Integrity?

The annual event, held in December, is a crucial multi-stakeholder initiative. It promotes knowledge sharing and encourages discussions about integrity in workplaces and boardrooms, regardless of the type of organization. What can employees, officials, and managers expect? And what responsibility do politicians, both nationally and internationally, bear for companies with international interests?

The commitment extends beyond just one week in December; on the contrary, the organization aims to unite people throughout the year in their dedication to integrity. Every day, efforts are made to make integrity an integral part of the behavior of individuals, organizations, and companies.

For more detailed information, the organization invites visitors to consult their website ➜ View the website.